No Cream Cheese for you

customer experience Mar 25, 2020

It was early on a Saturday morning and I had a long day ahead of me as I went to move some things to storage. I stopped to grab a quick bite at a bagel store that was conveniently along the way. 

I stopped in, grabbed a couple bagels, and headed out. When I got about ten minutes away I realized that the order had gotten messed up. I noticed that the order only had one of the bagels correct(lox and cream cheese...yummm) and the other had no cream cheese. Who wants a bagel without cream cheese?

As a consumers, it's important that when an issue like this happens we don't dismiss it and say "it's no big deal"; "It's only a bagel" or "it's only a couple of bucks".

You definitely need to take the time to let the business owner understand that there's an issue. The only way they're going to know, or be able to do something about it, is if you give them the feedback. So I did exactly that. I turned back around even though it was an inconvenient ten minute ride back to the...
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Stuff is gonna happen


How does a business recover from the inevitable Customer Service challenges that will happen?

By taking the time to capture potential issues and identifying the possible causes, you can develop solutions to prevent them and train employees to seamlessly address the issues that occur. 

 Check out the YouTube link below on how to put a plan in place, because....STUFF's GONNA HAPPEN.

If you found value in this information and you'd like to hear more like this, you can download (for FREE) " The Top 5 Killer to Customer Satisfaction " that you want to avoid in your business. By downloading you are also granted a FREE 15 min Consultation 
As I finish my book and officially launch my consulting business I invite you to follow along on the journey. Please connect by joining my Facebook Group - Building Better Communities through CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 

It is community of entrepreneurs, business owners and...
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Stop Bad Service Day

You may not be aware but Stop Bad Service Day occurs on the first Wednesday of March every year. I want to take some time and talk about why Stop Bad Service Day is important and what YOU can do to celebrate it. 

There are many examples of bad service like a rude or inattentive server, long wait times, and poor product/service quality. When businesses focus on Customer Satisfaction it leads to long term success. As businesses seek to improve Customer Satisfaction they will have to listen to feedback from their customers, implement new policies and train management and employees. Training improves the professional skills and personal development of employees and leads to higher skilled workers, more successful businesses and economic prosperity of the community. Together we can Build Better Communities Through a focus on Customer Satisfaction and #StopBadServiceDay is an opportunity to do just that. 

How to...
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Five🕔 ways to engage customers and increase Cust😁mer Satisfacti😁n

1st...Utilize technology and find ways to engage and interact with the customer to find activities for them to exercise their senses. Whether it's touch, visual or audio, you should find creative ways for customers to experience the environment through their five senses

This story was inspired during a visit with my kids to Applebee's. The restaurant had tablets on the tables, where the kids can play games, you can place your order, pay your bill and even watch movies. All these activities are designed to increase the engagement with customers while they're in your store.

Having a flat-screen TV has become commonplace in most businesses. People need to feel connected, so having cable t.v, satellite radio or even just back ground music that fits with your brand's personality, will keep customers engaged. You want to educate, entertain and inspire them, all while keeping them engaged.

2nd...Identify, hire and train people to comfortably interact and engage with your...
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Customer Service vs. Customer Satisfaction


"Customer Service is what takes place while performing a transaction for a customer, Customer Satisfaction is the overall feeling to advocate for your brand or NOT, as a result of all the experiences that occur during to exposure to your brand"...Chris W. Bryan

Check out the YouTube link below from me being a guest speaker at the Business Building Workshops on Customer Service & Business Ethics.
Customer Service vs. Customer Satisfaction
As I finish my book and officially launch my consulting business I invite you to follow along on the journey. Please connect by joining my Facebook Group - Building Better Communities through CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 

It is community of entrepreneurs, business owners and concerned citizens who support the fact that if businesses make Customer Satisfaction a key focus it is beneficial not only to their long term success, but it also improves the professional skills of their employees, increases engagement and...
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Top 5 Killers of Customer Satisfaction

Customers should be the top priority of every business if such a company must be successful in the market. If your customers are not satisfied with your business, chances are that they will stop patronizing your brand and once this happens, the collapse of such a business is imminent. That said, if you run a business, to avoid such an occurrence, you must ensure that your customers are kept satisfied at every point. It is imperative that you avoid practices that may kill customer satisfaction in your business. But what are these customer satisfaction-killing practices? In this article, you will learn about the top 5 killers of customer satisfaction in business to give you an idea of the things to watch out for when establishing your business.

“Ignorance is bliss” unless you run a business. You may be surprised about how few business owners are aware of the impact of customer satisfaction on the success of their business. The satisfaction of your customers is...
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Jamaican Restaurant Customer Survey

As a proud Jamaican who has lived and worked in corporate America for over 20 years in the capacity of quality engineering/management, Chris Bryan is passionate about his culture, food and seeing Jamaican restaurants and businesses thrive and live up to their full potential. In this vein, he has conducted surveys to find out the experiences of people who have had the opportunity to eat at Jamaican restaurants in the New York area. This survey revealed information that Jamaican and West Indian restaurant owners should pay attention to so they can guarantee the satisfaction of their customers.
This post is not only beneficial to Jamaican restaurant owners but also non-restaurant owners alike who can pass this vital information on and impact businesses in their community. So, we encourage you to share this message as it identifies issues and provides achievable solutions around Customer Satisfaction.

Reason for performing this survey
As he completes his upcoming book “ Building...
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Why Businesses Need Customer Loyalty Programs

Over the years, customer loyalty programs have established themselves as one of the most efficient and effective marketing strategies for inspiring customer loyalty and increasing revenue. A lot of brands utilize these loyalty programs to encourage their customers to continue to patronize their businesses. If your business does not have a customer loyalty program in place, then it is highly recommended that you make plans to implement one. There are several benefits of implementing a customer loyalty plan in your business and below are three of such benefits.

Customer loyalty programs drive brand loyalty
As the name clearly implies, customer loyalty programs drive customer loyalty. In a typical loyalty program, brands may reward customers with prizes, coupons, merchandise and other free products or services for patronizing their business. These actions greatly influence the buying decisions of the customers as it drives their loyalty to the brand. Customers are more likely to purchase...
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