Five🕔 ways to engage customers and increase Cust😁mer Satisfacti😁n

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1st...Utilize technology and find ways to engage and interact with the customer to find activities for them to exercise their senses. Whether it's touch, visual or audio, you should find creative ways for customers to experience the environment through their five senses

This story was inspired during a visit with my kids to Applebee's. The restaurant had tablets on the tables, where the kids can play games, you can place your order, pay your bill and even watch movies. All these activities are designed to increase the engagement with customers while they're in your store.

Having a flat-screen TV has become commonplace in most businesses. People need to feel connected, so having cable t.v, satellite radio or even just back ground music that fits with your brand's personality, will keep customers engaged. You want to educate, entertain and inspire them, all while keeping them engaged.

2nd...Identify, hire and train people to comfortably interact and engage with your customers. High-tech is nice but there's nothing better than high touch. Someone who takes the time to understand the customers’ needs, is engaging and relatable is an invaluable asset to a business.

I had a great experience once at a B. Smith's restaurant in Washington, D.C. I was there to celebrate a friend’s birthday and it turned out to be one of the most memorable dining experiences I have ever had. I remember that the waiter knew the menu like the back of his hand. He was able to recommend specific things and tell you why he liked it. I remember that he even said a prayer with us. He joined us at the table, held hands, and participated as we prayed over the meal and blessed the person on their birthday.

I will never forget that experience. It was an undeniable example how engaging with customers and making them feel special can create a memorable experience that leaves them absolutely satisfied, while creating loyalty. As a result I learned about the B. Smith brand and would visit their Sag Harbor, NY location frequently.

3rd...The next of the five ways to improve customer engagement and increase customer loyalty is to have your customers participate in a worthy cause that's relevant to your brand and community. Maybe you provide a service where a portion of the money that a customer spends can be donated to a charity of your choice, or better yet, a charity of their choice. This gives them an opportunity to support a charity that they love and give back to the community. At the same time your business entity and you personally are doing something good for the community and associating it with your brand.

4th...Next is to create a social environment that enables your customers to discuss issues relevant to your community or culture. Create a facebook group or focus group where customers can have a voice and have an impact on important issues and at the same time have your brand be one of the leading contributors to a specific cause.

5th...Develop a referral program that enables your customer to make recommendations of your products and services that they love. Give them a benefit for doing so. Decide whether you're rewarding them with points, money or product. Give them an opportunity to recommend something that they love about your product or your service to other customers. It will bring in new customers who come highly recommended and at the same time you will be deepening the relationship with current customers. This is going to make them even that much more satisfied.

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