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customer satisfaction customerservice vs customersatisfaction Mar 03, 2020
You may not be aware but Stop Bad Service Day occurs on the first Wednesday of March every year. I want to take some time and talk about why Stop Bad Service Day is important and what YOU can do to celebrate it. 

There are many examples of bad service like a rude or inattentive server, long wait times, and poor product/service quality. When businesses focus on Customer Satisfaction it leads to long term success. As businesses seek to improve Customer Satisfaction they will have to listen to feedback from their customers, implement new policies and train management and employees. Training improves the professional skills and personal development of employees and leads to higher skilled workers, more successful businesses and economic prosperity of the community. Together we can Build Better Communities Through a focus on Customer Satisfaction and #StopBadServiceDay is an opportunity to do just that. 

How to Observe
Business Owner
Walk through your business from the customer’s perspective and make sure that at every point of contact with your customers you have a plan in place to guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

Customer Service worker
If you work in customer service(and we all do), reflect on how you are carrying out your employers training on providing excellent customer service. Remember that learning the skills of great customer service is a transferable skill. Once you master it no one can take it away from you and it will go along with you when you go to get your next job or start your own business.

Customer/Concerned Citizen
Speak up! Let your voice be heard. Give Feedback! Do it in a constructive way to try to help them improve. If multiple feedback attempts are not received well then vote with your feet, and take your business elsewhere.
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Stop Bad Service Day
As I finish my book and officially launch my consulting business I invite you to follow along on the journey. Please connect by joining my Facebook Group - Building Better Communities through CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 

It is community of entrepreneurs, business owners and concerned citizens who support the fact that if businesses make Customer Satisfaction a key focus it is beneficial not only to their long term success, but it also improves the professional skills of their employees, increases engagement and leads to economic prosperity of the community in which the business operates.

Of course, if you need help you contact me at 516-500-1536 or go to my website, 

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