Customer Service vs. Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction customer satisfaction plan customerservice vs customersatisfaction Feb 19, 2020

"Customer Service is what takes place while performing a transaction for a customer, Customer Satisfaction is the overall feeling to advocate for your brand or NOT, as a result of all the experiences that occur during to exposure to your brand"...Chris W. Bryan

Check 👀 out the You🎦Tube🖥 link below⬇️ from me being a guest speaker at the Business Building Workshops on Customer Service & Business Ethics.
Customer Service vs. Customer Satisfaction
As I finish my book and officially launch my consulting business I invite you to follow along on the journey. Please connect by joining my Facebook Group - Building Better Communities through CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 

It is community of entrepreneurs, business owners and concerned citizens who support the fact that if businesses make Customer Satisfaction a key focus it is beneficial not only to their long term success, but it also improves the professional skills of their employees, increases engagement and leads to economic prosperity of the community in which the business operates.

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Chris Bryan

Chief Customer Satisfaction Officer/Founder
Bryan Service Companies , Inc.– Customer Satisfaction Services


Bryan Service Companies , Inc. provides Customer Satisfaction Services to help small businesses EDUCATE, EVALUATE & EXECUTE on Customer Satisfaction to increase revenue.

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