Creating systems to prevent your small businesses from going out of business

customer satisfaction customer satisfaction plan small business success through customer satisfaction Nov 11, 2020

I'm always excited to talk to, entrepreneurs, especially when they play in the same space and serve the same type of customers, which are small business owners.

We know and understand the importance of small businesses to our communities, to our country and the world. As you know, each community is basically made up of, small businesses that are providing jobs, paying taxes, and providing goods and services needed by our communities. They really are the backbone of this country. I'm always excited to talk with people that are serving that same customer.

I recently spoke with Ali Valdes about creating systems to prevent your small businesses from going out of business.

Her business's name is Ali Valdes Operations Management and she is a business operations strategist who helps small business owners figure out and plan operations for your business and how to systemize and scale. Strategizing a plan of what systems that you're missing in your business, what needs to be implemented, and then helping implement those things. 

It's really her mission for every entrepreneur to be able to fully functional in their space by having their operations in place.

Ali has been an office manager or operations manager for 16 years for different small businesses. From mechanical contractors to real estate investors and pharmaceutical companies, she has had to create systems, operational manuals, doing the hiring, firing, payroll, bookkeeping, and everything you have to as a small business. As you know, small business owners have to wear all the hats and she understands that because she’s had to be that person.

She understands it can be very overwhelming, so her goal is to alleviate all that stress and overwhelm for small business owners.

You can contact her @ [email protected] or visit her website: and join her Facebook group below.

CEOs Who Scale | Operations, Systems + HR Solutions for Small Businesses

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